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Questions about vKey? We've got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequent questions we get about vKey:

What is vKey?

vKey is a portable USB key drive that contains special software developed by veterinarians for veterinary professionals. In addition to functioning as a regular key drive for storage and transfer of files, vKey assists with veterinary medical calculations, medical record keeping and provides access to veterinary reference material, including protocols and normal values.

To learn about all of vKey's features see the vKey Details page.

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Can vKey be used as a regular USB key drive?

Yes! You can use the vKey exactly as you would any other USB key drive. The vKey veterinary software actually facilitates this function by giving you easier access to stored documents from the vKey home page.

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Who should get a vKey?

vKey has been developed by veterinarians for: Veterinarians and related professionals, veterinary technicians and veterinary students.

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What does vKey do?

A lot! For a complete listing of vKey's functions, please see the vKey Details page.

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How does it work?

vKey works like any other key drive, except it has special veterinary software that opens onto your desktop when it's plugged in. Don't worry, though: No software is left behind, so there is no need to manually install or uninstall vKey!

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Which computers will it work with? Will it work on a Mac?

The vKey will work on any PC computer with Windows XP or higher. For full specifications, see the vKey System Requirements. At this time, vKey is not Mac-compatible.

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Does vKey need to be installed before using?

No. vKey is fully self-contained and runs directly from any USB port, without ever needing to be installed (or uninstalled).

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Is any software left behind on the computer?

No. All software is maintained on the vKey. Your personal data files can be downloaded to a computer as with any key drive, but the vKey software remains on the vKey.

(Note that the vKey software, as with any software, must be loaded into your computer's temporary memory to run. As soon as vKey stops running, the temporary memory is cleared, so nothing is left behind.)

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How is vKey loaded on a computer?

Any PC computer with Windows XP or higher will automatically recognize the vKey. Just plug it in and run the vKey software. When you are done, simply close vKey, and take it with you!

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Can vKey attach to a key chain or neck string?

Absolutely! vKey comes with a steel ring to which a key chain, neck string or wrist strap can be attached.

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Does vKey come in a protective case?

Yes! vKey comes with a complimentary padded, brushed steel case that looks great and provides solid protection.

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